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Personalize the Soundtrack to your Day

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Prior to your Wedding Day, You should Personalize the Soundtrack to your Day.

Music is special and brings back memories of moments in your life.  Your wedding being a once in a lifetime moment, the sounds should be special to you and always bring a smile to your face.  Making sure that the music played for key moments is a detail that you and your fiance' should plan together.  Remember above all, there aren't any "Wrong" songs just some that are suggested more than others. If you have any questions or need suggestions, discuss this with your DJ, as they will have years of experience to help you select just what you need to make this day AMAZING!

Ceremony Introduction Music:

This is a beautiful moment and shouldn't be interupted with

overbearing vocals. Classical Songs or Instrumentals work

best in this senario.


Ceremony Conclussion Music:

This beautiful moment is the start to a lifelong celebration, and it should be made into a very fun segment.  Just about any music works here, from Classical Songs or Instrumentals to the latest & meaningful Chart Topping Song.


Cocktail Hour Music:

Music used during the cocktail hour should be just background music.  It is meant to provide a light mood and allow for discussions to be engaged between your guests.

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Reception Grand Entrance Music:

The Songs you use here set the mood for the rest of the night, the higher the energy, the more energized the guests are.  Don't be afraid to use more than one song for the entire wedding party, but it is suggested that you don't choose a different song for every different couple being announced.

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First Dance Music:

This Songs should be very personal to you and your spouse as it is the most awaited point in the night by your guests.  It is meant to hold some meaning, unity and show a very happy & romantic love between the newly wed couple.

Music-First Dance.jpg

Parent Dance Music:

This music is meant to something fun and/or memorable. It can be a song that has lyrics that are personal to you and your parent(s), or it could be the soundtrack to a surprise skit for your guests to watch take place between you and your parent(s).

Music-Parent Dance.jpg

Last Dance Song:

You've just had an amazing time and have spent it with your loved ones. It's time to create that final moment of the night. A good suggestion is to choose either one last romantic dance with your new spouse or a Sing A Long that will allow for a group dance with your guests that have stayed with you till the end.

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